Meet the Team!


Sanjana Srinivasan

Sanjana is a third-year Neuroscience major and Spanish minor on the pre-med track. When she's not at TEDx board meetings, Sanjana can be found playing the ukelele, trying to keep her orchid alive, and eating lots of snacks. Sanjana’s life motto is a quote by Dr. Seuss: “To be #1, you have to be odd.”

Emily Nepomuceno

Emily is a fourth year pre-med student, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Music. This is her third year in TEDxUofIChicago, and as always, she is looking forward to bringing people together to share their perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Outside of medicine and TEDx, her current interests include (small-scale) indoor gardening, learning to dance hip-hop (badly), and finding new places to get the yummiest food in Chicago (recommends Kizuki Ramen and Jeni's Ice Cream in Wicker Park).


Director of Logistics, Mitchell Sun

Mitchell is a second year student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Mathematical Computer Science on the pre-med track at UIC. This is his second year participating in the TEDx board on Logistics. While not at TEDx meetings, he can be found dancing, teaching, cooking, reading books, and eating food around Chicago. He loves to explore the city and seek out new experiences.

Mehul Patnam

Mehul is a freshman Biology major on the pre-med track. This is his first year with the organization and he is looking forward to helping plan events for the upcoming school year. In his free time, Mehul enjoys catching up on sleep in his dorm and roaming around campus, rarely ever straying too far from it.


Director of Design, Zoe June Agundo

Zoe is a second year Industrial Design major. She is stoked to be a part of the team again as this is her second year on the TEDx and her first year as Director of Design. Outside of the club, she’s a part-time barista and full-time coffee lover. If not in the coffee shop, you can find her shredding sweet riffs on the guitar or searching for photo ops in the city.

Aishwarya Katiki

Aishwarya is a first-year pre-med student, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science. She loves binge watching TED talks and is extremely excited to start off as part of the Design Committee for the TEDx Board! Outside of TED, you can find her playing club badminton, looking for good music, getting a caramel iced coffee from Dunkin, and occasionally (more often always) napping.


Director of Communications, Vivian Jin

Vivian is a third year Biology major and Global Asian studies minor. She loved working with the phenomenal and engaging speakers last year, and had to return! Aside from TEDx, she is the chapter president of Kids are Scientists, Too and a senior health educator in Peer Health Exchange. In her free time, Vivian can be found drinking iced coffee, listening to tropical house music, and napping.

Sol Savchuk


Sol is a second year Neuroscience student on a pre-med track, thrilled about her fist year on the TEDx board. Sol is an international student from Eastern Europe, so don’t be amazed of her putting sour cream on literally everything. In a circle of her friends and family, she is best known for her open-mindedness and annoying habit of questioning and undermining commonly accepted opinions. Outside of TEDx, Sol is particularly fond of road trips and mountain hiking in the Northwestern US, water painting and yoga.

Bingtao Xiang


Bingtao is a first year Chemistry pre-med student. This is his first year part of TEDxUofIChicago board. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, listening to Spotify, and trying new foods around Chicago.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Director of Fundraising & Sponsorship, Deepika Khanna

Deepika is a third year Biology major and Music minor on a pre-med track. This is her third year in the organization; last year, she was part of the communications committee. Outside of TEDx, Deepika holds an interest in public health, singing, writing, and working with kids.

Ojus Khanolkar


Ojus Khanolkar is a freshman pursuing a Biology Major and Mathematics minor. This is her first year as part of the TEDx Comittee, and she is so excited to become part of a community that is built on a passion for curiosity, and a desire to learn, love and grow more. In her freetime, Ojus loves going on long walks and exploring Chicago’s art and architectural history, swimming, playing violin, finding new perfumes, and eating jars of nutella!

Natalia Bak


Natalia is a first year TEDx member, and a third year Neuroscience student with a minor in Philosophy. She is excited to help grow the positive idea-spreading platform that TEDx embodies and coincidentally is fascinated with psychological concept of positivity. This means she is always looking for ways to capitalize on seemingly negative moments. Some of her interests include participating in a whole-food plant based lifestyle, and reading but not understanding books about quantum mechanics.


Director of Marketing, Trishla Shah

Trishla is in her third year at UIC as a Finance student minoring in Mathematics and Biology. Coming in at a little under five feet, she greatly enjoys playing limbo and making bad puns to anyone that will listen. While she’s super stoked to be in TEDx for her second year, you can also find her trying new restaurants in Chicago, working with women in WISE and singing off-key to punk music.

Akram Alnounou

Akram Alnounou is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry. His background is of an international student from Dubai! On campus, you will usually find him with his pre-health and professional fraternity, Delta Epsilon Mu. In his leisure time, he teaches organic chemistry and plays soccer. Medicine runs in his blood, and he plans to attend medical school as an international student. This is his first year with TEDx, and he joined because he thinks their goals are very crucial to the development of any student and human being.

Technical Specialists

Garrett Padera


Garrett is a five year veteran of TEDxUofIChicago. He works for Google in Seattle and in his spare time enjoys riding motorcycles and tinkering with electronics. Chances are you've used products Garrett helped build. He works as a producer for the event and handles the audio and video on the day of TEDx.