Meet the Team!


Nidhi Suthar


Nidhi is in her third year at UIC where she studies Biology and her third year as part of TEDxUofIChicago. As co-coordinator, she is very excited to bring together speakers that will inspire the community and spark discussion about ideas that matter. Beyond TEDx, Nidhi is interested in public health, artistic endeavors in pencil and paint, and creating music playlists for every mood.

Emily Nepomuceno


Emily is a third year pre-med student, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Music. This is her second year in TEDxUofIChicago, and as always, she is looking forward to bringing people together to share their perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Outside of medicine and TEDx, her other interests include exploring the human experience through music and theatre, writing bad poetry, and finding new places to eat with friends.


Zoe June Agundo


Zoe is a first year Industrial Design major in the GPPA Biomedical Visualization program. Ecstatic to participate in her first year with TEDxUofIChicago, she is thrilled to be a small part of the larger-than-life “ideas worth spreading.” In her free time, Zoe enjoys sketching, reading, writing, and “Quora-ing” in the pursuit of passion and curiosity.

Mitchell Sun


Mitchell is a first year student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Computer Science on the pre-med track at UIC. This is his first year participating in the TEDx board. While not at TEDx meetings, he can be found dancing, teaching, cooking, and eating food around Chicago.

Mariana Reyes


Mariana is a third year majoring in Rehabilitation Sciences with minors in Kinesiology and Disability & Human Development. This is her first year participating in the TEDx board. On her off time, Mariana works with the Pre-OT club and Swimable, an organization she founded to teach children and teens with disabilities how to swim.


Vivian Jin


Vivian is a second year Biology pre-med student. She loved working with the phenomenal and engaging speakers last year, and had to return! Aside from TEDx, she is the chapter president of Kids are Scientists, Too and a senior health educator in Peer Health Exchange. In her free time, Vivian can be found drinking iced coffee, listening to tropical house music, and napping.

Sanjana Srinivasan


Sanjana is a second year Neuroscience major on the pre-med track. She can see better out of her right eye than her left eye. This makes her a very strongly opinionated person. Sanjana can be found writing, playing the ukulele, and sassing everybody. Sanjana’s life motto is a quote by Dr. Seuss: “To be #1, you have to be odd.”

Deepika Khanna


Deepika is a second year Biology and Music major at UIC. This is her second year in the organization; last year, she was part of the fundraising & sponsorship committee. Outside of TEDx, Deepika holds an interest in public health, singing, writing, and working with kids.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Dhruva Mehta


Dhruva is a first year pre-med student double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Part time carpet salesman, full-time sugar addict, Dhruva performs magic tricks, is legally blind and thinks it would be cool to join a circus someday.

Will Vavrin


Will Vavrin is a first year dual-degree Music and Spanish Education major. This is his first year participating in TEDxUofIChicago, and he is extremely motivated and excited to be a part of the team. Outside of TEDx, he is a passionate composer and director of the new a cappella group at UIC.

Jyotsna Bitra


Jyotsna is a first year in TEDxUIC and her major is undecided, much like her decision on a favorite anything. She loves baking, writing, late night talks, the color mint, Owl City, tennis and getting lost while traveling. She loves spoken word poetry and impactful speeches.


Kyle Olvera


Kyle is in his final year at UIC as a Marketing undergraduate. He is excited to return to TEDx for a second year to continue his role as part of the marketing and advertising team. Some of his passions outside of work, school, and TEDx are biking, gardening, and cooking.

Trishla Shah


Trishla is in her second year at UIC as a pre-med student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Mathematics. Coming in at a little under five feet, she greatly enjoys playing limbo and making bad puns to anyone that will listen. While she’s super stoked to be in TEDx for her first year, you can also find her trying new restaurants in Chicago, working with women in WISE and singing off-key to punk music.

Technical Specialists

Elsadig Abdalla


Elsadig is a first year student majoring in Biochemistry on the pre-med track. He enjoys reading philosophy and teaching himself computer science while listening to classical music. Although it doesn't happen often, he loves to travel and took a class trip to Italy in high school.

Garrett Padera


Garrett is a five year veteran of TEDxUofIChicago. He works for Google in Seattle and in his spare time enjoys riding motorcycles and tinkering with electronics. Chances are you've used products Garrett helped build. He works as a producer for the event and handles the audio and video on the day of TEDx.